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Alchemy Goods

Alchemy Goods is a company in Seattle, Washington that creates bags and accessories from recycled bicycle inner tubes. The Ag motto, 'turning useless into useful' refers to Ag's transformation of discarded materials into new products through a process called upcycling. Hundreds of REI, Trek and independent bike shops send used bike tubes to Alchemy Goods every week. Since the recycling program was started in 2006, over 425,000 bike tubes have been diverted from landfill. The first Alchemy Goods bike-tube messenger bag was created by founder Eli Reich in 2004 after someone stole his messenger bag and he replaced it with one he crafted from used bicycle inner tubes. Since that original messenger bag, Alchemy Goods has developed a wide array of upcycled bags and accessories for the urban lifestyle. Every Ag product comes with a lifetime guarantee and is manufactured in Seattle, Washington. '.