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Eason & Son (; also known as Eason, Easons or Eason's) is an Irish retail company primarily involved in the wholesale and distribution of books, newspapers, magazines, stationery and cards in Ireland (both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland). It is currently the largest supplier of books, magazines and newspapers in Ireland. The chain of 34 retail and 16 franchised Eason stores exist throughout the island. The company is headquartered in Dublin and it employs over 1,800 staff. The company is privately owned and it had a profit of €9.7 million in 2003 on a turnover of €372 million. Recently, the company has moved into franchising, with a number of new retail units operating independently under the Eason brand. Most of these are located in shopping centres or smaller towns which do not already have an existing Eason shop. Conor Whelan is Managing Director. The company's current slogan is "Whatever you're into, get into Eason", replacing the previous slogan "So many reasons to shop at Eason's".